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With Odongo Odoyo

African Union (AU) Head of Mission in the country, Ambassador Joram Mukama Biswaro is documented urging parties to the agreement to resolve the impede surrounding the appointments of the state governors His call came barely few days after President Salva Kiir Mayardit told the country that some wrangles within some of the signatories had delayed the appointments. It is my take that the President has been so honest and carries a lot of wisdom when discharging his national callings. He has been very open since the beginning and during the process of criss-crossing for peace agreement. Remember he came out openly and told the world how he was bleeding inside when he saw how his people were suffering. Actually he has stood by the public and always come out with the truth. I know some critics will not take this as the naked truth but it remains to be seen who actually held this nation dearly until the peace agreement was signed and until the unity cabinet was brought into being. His wisdom and concern for the people prompted the president to come out and tell us, as it is why the governors have not been appointed. Amb. Biswaro as a diplomat and one who represent the interests of the continent here has all the right to urge his brothers and sisters to come out and have the governors in place. The continent body among other key players was deeply involved in the search for peace and would wish to see it to the end that all went well and the peace which had taken years to bring home was enjoyed by each citizen. It is also important to note that at this time in which coronavirus is threatening the whole world state government would be handy in helping the national government to fight any the pandemic of COVID’19 in their states. Equally they are important tools of development; therefore their presence was very necessary. Those wrangling should stop and give the president a chance to start work of rebuilding the nation collectively. In unity there is always a winning side. Where the process has come from had been more delicate than the choosing or selecting the governors. There should be the heart of give and take because the well-being of the country is paramount and cannot be taken lightly. Like the AU diplomats, other key players, in the process, including the citizens, are also looking forward to the final pace that is yet to take place for the good of the country We need to, live like civilized nation who should be solving their inner differences without the outer world knowing. It is possible because where we have come from can tell- a tale. Once again let reasons prevail and let the governors be in place to spearhead the development in all parts of the country. It is what the country really needs now not another wrangle which might be bound to draw us back to the past. We must walk, tall with vigor and confidence knowing that nothing can stand on our way and go unchallenged collectively. It is unhealthy to have wrangles and it is ungodly too.

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