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Leave oil, where is gold money

By Akol Arop Akol (Guest)

South Sudan is a rich country in Africa with plenty of resources in 3 great regions namely; Greater Equatoria, Upper Nile and Bhar el Ghazal. Briefly, Equatoria has resources such as Gold, Upper Nile with oil and Bhar el Ghazal with fertile agricultural land and cattle.

These regions can contribute different products to promote development and provide employment opportunities for the youths. If well utilized there would be no poverty in any community. The central government should prioritize the exploration of natural resources which can be used to develop the country, within 10 years to come, South Sudan would be like any other country in the world where there is good education and decent livelihoods without people in chained with poverty.

 Agriculture is the backbone of the country is a chorus always singing and oil is the verse.

Despite that they see their cows, goats, forests, rivers and crops they are made to put their mindsets on oil as the only resource to create jobs and raise revenues for development.

In a story that says government bans slaw of Gold to unauthorized companies, Louis Lobong Lojore said that the license will be given to selected companies to operate in gold mining as part of an overall plan to improve non-oil revenues in the country. The citizens must also be asking questions about gold. It has been years now that the gold has been illegally explored and locally sold by locals to foreign dealers.

It is said that residents of Kapoeta clearly said they found a way to earn money to feed their families through selling gold. Indeed Gold is just like any other resources like oil, wildlife, agriculture (crops and cattle) in other regions. The residents have rights over their resources but they should be protected and taxed by the government to raise revenues for development. If Bahr el Ghazal could produce fresh milk, provide meat, poultry and supply the towns with sorghum, maize, millet, groundnuts, Sim Sim and lulu oil, and the upper Nile with oil then the country will progress and the little of being rich will have a meaning.

When such resources are exploited, the youths (graduates) would work in the mining, oil drilling and agricultural areas to earn a living. Gold as the most expensive resource can raise revenues for the government to be used in providing and delivering services for the people. 

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