Leave no child behind

By: Ngor Khot Garang

Every child has a right to be loved, cared for and provided with the tools for proper growth. Majority of the boys we call Toronto Boys are children who do not have parents or guardians to take care of them. They chose street because they think it is where they could survive by any mean either by begging or pickpocketing. We make fun of them everywhere on social media and in real life. I have come across two Facebook posts about these children that pained me to my bones, one read: “Toronto boys snatched my purse with a lot of money yesterday.  But thank God I just got one of them lying dead this morning.”  The other was a man who posted that he has asked a young boy he called in his post scavenger to give him money worth 1,000,000 South Sudanese pounds but the boy said he would immediately die at the sight of the money because it was too big for him.  So he took to social media and wrote. “I have saved life today by not giving money to a Toronto boy who said the money was huge and it could shock him to death.” Instead of helping them to be like our children or praying for them, we just rejoice in their suffering, we don’t even care if they die or live. This is a world of wonders and I really don’t know if God would forgive us for our behaviors towards these young kids. We have children at home and we know how important they are to us, we loved them so dearly and we do all we could to make them happy, be it in term of education, health or finances we are always with them. But these children are just for fun, we call them thieves, unlucky and scavengers because they have no parents to provide them with the basic necessities of life or maybe few of them have parents but they cannot take care of them due to economic condition and it is what forced them to leave their homes. Before we take actions, let us first rethink, these little children are not what you call them to be and if you think they are thieves, you are wrong and you are partly to blame for their condition. No child was born while knowing that life was very hard, though suffering is part and parcel of human experience, it is too early for children as young as 12 years of age to fend for themselves. The reason why they resort to pickpocketing is not because it is the only thing they can do, it is life that forced them, if they can’t do it where will they get their livelihood? They have no choice but to get what to eat by any mean that is possible. We should not leave them behind, they are what make up South Sudan, I hope if they are trained and fed like other kids, one day they will do something for this country. If you’re someone working with the government or NGOs, think of these children one day, why did they become a topic of discussion everywhere? Why are they there? Do they not belong to South Sudan? Some of their parents must have died for this country; they shed their precious blood only for their children to suffer when they are not there. Their fallen fathers are watching, their country is theirs and they too have to be acknowledged.

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