Learning facilities handed over to communities in Lakes

By John Agok

The two Community Based Organizations (CBOS) on Tuesday handed over the four learning space facilities and two (VIP) latrines to communities of Yirol East County in Lakes State.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on Phone, Daniel Adongwei Alit working for Community inNeed Aid (Cina) as the coordinator said, the Education Cannot Wait and CINA is delivering services to ensure human resources through education.

Alit revealed that, Cina provides such activities of financial support to young women back to learning programs and Cina also build learning facilities to the community.

“Cina and Windle Trust international are today handing over four temporary learning spaces (TLS) and two VIP latrines to community schools in Yirol East County”, he said.

Alit mentioned schools benefited in the Yirol East County in Lakes State.

“These facilities were constructed in places namely: Tingajieth,Acigor[U1]  , Mayom-luok and Majak-jok, Aruop-nyiel and Mjokcidhiop. Both schools are Accelerating Learning Program (ALP) and primary school in the Yirol East County”, he added.

He concluded that education is essential for development, progress for human resources and peaceful co-existence.

Meanwhile, Patrick Kuc Achol a team leader for Windle Trust International said they offered TeachersTraining to over one hundred community caregivers and peer educators.

“Windle Trust International trained 126 caregivers and peer educators and we also give hygiene kits to 349 girls from primary five to eight pupils”, he said.

Kuc echoed thatthey give psychosocial support by training teachers on mental health.

“We alsotrain teachers and peer educators on the psychosocial support and issues of mental health,” he underscored.

The completion of such project of putting up temporary learning space (TLS) was organized by CINA in collaboration with Windle Trust International and in consortium in partnership with funding from Education Can’t Wait (ECW) .


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