Learn to walk before you run

By Agar Mayor Gai-Makoon

Always, it matters much to know of oneself, and the life one lives, and ought to live. This is important because life is represented by books and beyond as a picturesque (lacking reality), and perhaps, it becomes our duty to make it practical and real.  However, it should be clear to all that, because life of man has stages (youth and adult ages), one must always do the practical that fits their stage or age. In other words, every age according to God’s design has duties distinct from for the other. The duties of young and old people are different, and it is of misplacement and misunderstanding of life if the young people jump to old people’s duties. How bad is this however? I will tell you, but first know this popular proverb, ‘’learn to walk before you run’’.

Walking and running, are two different activities but so much related that, non-existence of one (walking), is a non-existence to another (running). For one to walk, you must have strong legs, and because, “nothing starts from nothing’’, running starts from walking. It is one’s success in walking that one can be able to succeed in running. This relationship or Mathematics of life—linear progression is in all other aspects of living. BUT, for this case, I would touch only the summary of a good service, country’s true realization of their self and interests in regards to man’s working. You will agree, that realization of country’s self and interests is built upon by the people. People (both young and old) make their country great perhaps, greatness is the final goal. This greatness comes only if the people have made their respective contributions. That is, starting from youth-hood, up to adulthood, the steps we take are very important for the final goal—GREATNESS. But then, what are the steps to greatness, needed of both youth and adult, one may ask? This is a question of duty-awakenness and realization. People must know their duties at certain ages such that the want—final goal is made real and worth enjoying. I would think this thought, “Knowledge in youth is wisdom in old age,’’ acts the divisive and curtaining idea. It is just a matter of us, doing what is of us.

 It is so a misplacement of duty and perhaps, fall of a people and country if at knowledge-acquiring age (youth), people think of a duty that requires something (wisdom) they do not have. This is impatience, deadly and pharisaical. Now, the middle stage; wisdom is full of a people who do not have it. And the list, keeps on increasing every hour—young people join it without the right ingredients to cook the right meal, for final goal’s boosting and realization. This fact is nervous and grievous, and any systemic people would not allow it happen.

But, how about this? Young people have reasons, one, two or more to act the current act (less-knowledge-considerate act). What might these reasons be? Digging out the Truth, will tell you his view on this. But first know this, “Youth become their old people’’. Often times, young people act the ways of their elders. This is though, not wrong because it is a godly mandate of the elderly to teach young—AND IDEALLY one cannot teach right what they do not do. This is the teaching that the creator says in his holy book, “Teaching the young in a way they should go with God and others’’. But with this exception, bad old people teach young their bad ways,’’ it is of a no or fewer words to solely blame the younger population. Someone, somewhere is driving them. However, their only problem, METHINKS is choosing to have only one driver, yet there are many of them (bible being the best, and schools).

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