Learn to get up when you fall

By Ngor Khot Garang

In the history of mankind, no man has ever boasted of having lived a problem free life. From great politicians, tech billionaires, famed athletes and renowned businessmen. None of them was born with a silver spoon in their mouths. They all went through a lot of difficulties but one thing was certain. They never gave up and that is why our world though problems still exists, is a better place today due to the contributions of these men and women. There is now a computer that makes work easy. Phones are doing exceptionally incredible work but do we know what those people have gone through in bringing into existence these major discoveries?

If not, then let me explain, we all have that urge to succeed and achieve most of our dreams but somewhere in the middle of the road, we stumble and fall and instead of bouncing back, we ask ourselves why we can’t get ahead not knowing that for one to reach the final destination, he must fall as many times as he could and swears never to remain down even when getting up hurts. That was the principle used by the people who have made the world a better place today. They have failed many times and used their mistakes as lessons. They have cried and wiped their tears alone. And more astonishingly, they refused to remain down even at the worse times when staying down was the best thing to do.

This is a true demonstration of courage in times of despair. When things are extremely unfair, the best thing to do is never to sit down and blame God for having created you in this painful world. God didn’t create us by mistake. There is a purpose for which we were created and the reason why things are still hard is not that he has forgotten that purpose, of course he knows it but he wants us to find it ourselves. He needs us to forget the pain and remember God’s plan for us, and how can we do? It is by digging deep within us to find our true potentials. We should not run away from pain, we must endure in times of suffering and nurture the belief that we are not here for no reason. Even God himself would be ashamed of himself if he create a useless person. We are unique and we must not forget this even if we pass through the fire because if we were not, none of us would have been here on this planet.

When you try and it becomes extremely hard, you should be happy because at the end of that pain. At the end of that sad story and at the end of that struggle, something good will unfold and you will be left with nothing but wonderment. You just have to switch the gears and never mind about those challenges you encounter on the road; they are not there to destroy us but to direct us to our destiny. They also teach us persistent because when you tripped and fall, you gather the strength and the struggle continue. That is the life we are living. It is not easy and it has never been easy. We must enjoy every adventure even with tears in our eyes because the fact that we are still alive must give us courage and hope to do so.           

I understand that it takes strength or even life to muster courage but if we truly want to see a better version of ourselves, then we must look beyond our daily problems. We must not focus on problems but what will come after the problems is what truly counts not what you have been through. You might have been through a lot but still that does not define you. What defines you is how you react to problems. However, your outlook on life may differ from mine. You might feel like life doesn’t go that way and I have different ideas too but all are pointing to the same destiny.

 To you, perhaps, succeeding in life is only meant for those who came from the lineage of the successful(s). And maybe for one reason or the other, you count yourself a failure because your parents are poor or your country’s political crisis cannot allow you to succeed but this is just a white lie and it never works. It is just a mindset and when you stick to it, it becomes a belief, and a moment later this belief gives birth to failure and your journey ends there leaving most of your dreams hanging in the balance. It is well known that the heart of human being was made to feel. It is okay to feel defeated and it is also good to feel sorry for yourself but the best of all is to know that you are God’s special creature and you deserve the best in this life.        

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