Leaders urged to boost peace agreement

By Martin Manyiel

South Sudanese in Kampala have called on political leaders to support the Revitalized-Peace Agreement.

Ter Manyang, Coordinator of South Sudanese Civil Society Organizations based in Kampala, Uganda said he was optimistic about the peace agreement despite challenges.

However, he said there was need to speed up the implementation of the security arrangement in order to meet the six months deadline extended into the pre-transitional period.

“The number of the states needs to be determined because it is very important for South Sudanese if they are to live in peace and harmony,” Manyang said.

“There is also need to engage other opposition armed groups who did not sign the peace agreement to join the peace process,” he added.

The activist said it was time for all the political leaders to take serious decision with concern to see their citizens living in peace.

Manyang said that if this peace agreement fails, the country may likely return to another third round of severe war.

He urged the leaders to forgive themselves and work for peace so as not to return the country to another “senseless war”.

John Wani, a student in Kampala said there was brighter future for South Sudan if all the political leaders were serious about peace.


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