Leaders urged to be examples of reconciliation

By Martha David

The Parish Priest of Gosene of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan has urged political leaders in the country to be exemplary for reconciliation to be achieved.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Rev. Bathuel Kenyi said peace-building, reconciliation and forgiveness should be the first priority for political leaders.

“Our leaders in this nation should at least be exemplary for themselves,” Rev. Kenyi said.

“When there is any difference, they should reconcile when they are seen working with each other or forgive each other, then automatically the other leaders in the states, payams or counties will also do the same.”

Rev. Kenyi spoke during a workshop on healing and reconciliation conducted by the Episcopal Church of South Sudan and the Pilgrim Center for Reconciliation in Juba.

He stressed that reconciliation and healing is important in bringing divided communities together and for individuals to reconcile with God, and to be able to reconcile with other people.

Rev. Kenyi also urged for the political leaders to address issues of tribalism and nepotism in order to unite communities.

Meanwhile Rev. Dr. James Olson, the president of Pilgrim Center for Reconciliation emphasized that reconciliation with each other would mean reconciliation with God.

He said he believes South Sudanese can reconcile and become a more united country.

“Through this reconciliation workshop, I am sure we are going to get changed and be transformed so that we can be able to extend this message to the people in need,” he said.

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