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Leaders told to bring total peace

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

Civil rights activists have called on the country leaders to prioritize bringing total peace by stabilizing the security situation across the country.

The two activists Edmund Yakani and Data Gordon made the call yesterday as South Sudan joined the rest of the world in commemorating the International Peace Day, which sought to promote non-violent approach and ceasefire.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, Executive Director for Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO), Edmond Yakani said that, the world was celebrating the day while some parts of South Sudan was not celebrating, so this should go as a challenge to the Parliamentarian that constitute the Parliament of the state to contribute by all possible ways.

“This day should be a challenge to our leadership to prioritize peace and stability to be the main agenda on the government priorities as well as the parliamentarian that constitute the parliament of the state to stand active and contribute by all possible action that bring peace and stability to the Republic of south Sudan,” Yakani said.

“A day like this should prompt our leaders about their responsibilities to deliver peace through Revitalized peace agreement.” he added

Edmond Yakani also pointed out with a specific State that had gathered that day to celebrate World Peace Day.

“Currently there are some peace celebration  happening in Wau and Bor, though here in juba there are no people who have gathered to celebrate this day apart from the radio talk shows happening. “Yakani stressed.

“Violence is not an option, how much we disagree with each other let not embrace violent in way of settling a problem, we should be embracing a non- violent”, he concluded.

While, the new Executive Director of Okay Africa Foundation, Emmanuel Data Gordon said that despite the few things that were not going right, the signatories of the Revitalized Peace Agreement had tried their best.

“All the Signatories of the Revitalized Peace Agreement have tried their best to bring peace in the country, though it’s just the destruction of the few things that are not going right”.

The 2021 theme for the International Day of Peace was “Recovering Better for an Equitable and Sustainable World”. We invited you to join the efforts of the United Nations family as we focus on recovering better for a more equitable and peaceful world. Celebrate the peace by standing up against acts of hate online and offline, and by spreading compassion, kindness, and hope in the face of the pandemic, and as we recover.

The International Day of Peace was established in 1981 by the United Nations General Assembly. Two decades later, in 2001, the General Assembly solidly voted to term the Day as a period of non-violence and cease-fire.

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