Leaders should have the spirit of pre-eminence

By: Agar Mayor Gai

As the term leadership makes known to all, the leaders have their capabilities and duties distinct from for the rest. In other words, the day a person is chosen to be a leader sails him up to another level with different duties and stands. In this level however, someone would not have to continue their old ways. They ought to adapt to the good and bad of the new ground.

If the level requires your time for the accomplishment of the tasks, give in and do as it is needed. If the one you are replacing was a bad fellow to the locals, do not step into their shoes because if you do, just as he is replaced by you, in a shorter time, you will have him to follow; someone will be your replacement.

Also, as given the position to lead, put into much consideration why out of over a hundred, thousands or a million people, you have managed or never to be the right choice for all. Swallow your personal interests and what you think makes you a negative personality in the eyes of other people and as such the general interests of all be your first priority and concern.

However, failure to adapt to the interests and components of the level brings discontentment in the society.  In other words, if someone takes political or military power to himself and uses it to kill, loot and promote disunity in the country, the position and the people, in a short run, will have them to ask for their suffering and loss of lives.

In this nation though, what brings discontentment and disunity among the people? It is lack of going by what the position requires of us. We long for a military or political position but not knowing what the position will want from us. We only get in to the seat to have our self-central ideas and wants integrated in to the society. Can that integration really bring peace, unity and success? Surely not. The fact that people differ from one person to another based on their life opinions, beliefs and interests is an indication that the imposition of individual opinions and interests on others causes dissatisfaction from the rest and thus, disunity, tribalism and corruption find a spacious place to sit in.

In this way, the article serves to inform the public and the young people interested in leading that as a leader, you must have the spirit of pre-eminence. You must by all means know what the position you are interested in will ask in return. Do not be a hard person, who always feel that their self-central interests and wants be worked on even when it comes to matters of national concern. Such people do not make a good leader and servant; they only serve themselves limitlessly to an extent of forgetting others.

Why would you forget others? Greediness, nepotism and evil desires will have this question to answer. And these factors can only be gotten rid of if we have humanity, justice and God in us; we become people who think ill not about the other people.

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