Leaders are both born and trained

By Malek Arol Dhieu

Assuming a born leader is kept indoor for 18 years or so according to the constitution of South Sudan, then given a leadership, he/she will still lack acquired qualities, ideologies and on top, an exposure which contributes to good leadership.

A born leader may be honest, humble, lenient, simple and not corrupt but a trained leader may greatly vary according to his/her line of influence and inspiration. Opportunistic leaders, on the other hand, are not far from those who often attempt coups d’état, assassinate incumbent leaders or betray their own countries to foreigners in an attempt to get an opportunity to lead.

This is engineered by their much dwelling on revolutionary books and histories of their desired personalities who got leaderships in such ways, but the truth is that times are different, the past leaders had to make coups so that the dominated governments by the then foreigners were changed and replaced by native leaders, and more importantly to expel the foreigners totally from the countries.

Most of today’s leaders are in rush, which to me or any other learned fellow, has bad entailments as hurriedness has no blessings. Leadership generally needs too much patience to allow you have enough time to eagle-eye areas of weaknesses of the incumbent leadership and make them your good excuses in your search for leadership.

I know impatience runs in a family, that means it is genetic, but it cannot run in all families of the world as all leaders of the world are in a hurry to get leadership. That vividly shows it is an acquired trait, but more importantly a forced one. The difference between a born and a trained leader appears in want of leadership because nearly all born leaders are nominated by observers as they rarely struggle for power meanwhile trained leaders are power strugglers as it is part of their training that they must always become this and that simultaneously, that is to say they are people of “I know”.

Both born and trained leaders have areas of weaknesses, a born leader judges two sides that have come to him/her for judgement right, not because he/she can’t judge one side wrong, but because he/she does not need anybody to feel angry with. A born leader also slows in decision making and remains neutral and kind whether or not the situation needs it, and this creates mistrust and worsens as the situation may need a quick decision. In contrast, a trained leader spends the rest of his/her life as a critic or an opposition which is a sacrifice in Africa. A trained and an opportunistic leader is inaccessible and ignorant, and the most of all, very corrupt following the reason that he/she will never get an opportunity again to lead, and that he/she must loot by hooks or crooks. He/she neither trains upcoming leaders nor allows any dreamer to come closer in suspicion that he/she may be overthrown. Finally, he/she is not a fluent public speaker and a truth teller rather a pathological convincing liar. The goodness of a born leader is that he/she prepares a successor, takes opinions and suggestions, keeps an eye on his/her action plans and people chosen to help him/her implement these action plans, develops and keeps country’s relationships with others whereas the goodness of a trained leader is that he/she keeps the economy alive, innovates new programs and maintains security. Both of them are better leaders, but the best leader regardless of any category, is a leader who has chosen between being likened by politicians or citizens. It is rare for a leader to be likened by both politicians and citizens, and any leader who wants to be likened by both is a failed leader and is likened conditionally. The powerful leader is the one who is likened by citizens but not politicians because citizens are the eyes and power of the country, but politicians are deceivers who only liken people on demands and interests. Anyhow, a country that goes for elections after a number of years stipulated in the constitution must have its leader likened by the citizens for him/her to win the elections as politicians are fewer to make one win, but a country that extends elections must have its leader resorted to being likened by politicians alone to give them more time to suckle. Undeniably, no person is 100% perfect, even those who claim to be good in leadership may be worse than those who have tried or trying now, but the general selection is now based on betterness that so is better than so.

The author is a medical student, University of Juba. He can be reached at ourbankiscow@yahoo.com or +211922332811.     

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