Leader of APC briefly detained, told to refrain from political activities

By James Atem Kuir

The leader of a newly founded African People’s Congress (APC), Deng-bil William who was detained briefly was told to refrain from political activities by security personnel.

Deng-bil said that he was detained for some hours in the National Security Headquarters, Blue House two days after the former University of Juba student activist with other young politicians set up the APC party.

Deng-bill William who launched the APC in Uhuru Cottage, Jebel Market on December 1, 2021, said the security personnel took him to the Blue House at 11: 00 AM where he was interrogated for more than three hours over the statement made during the launch of the APC party and told to refrain from further political activities before was finally set free at 2: 00 PM yesterday.

“I was questioned about the press statement we made during the launch of our party. They asked whether I was authorized to make any press statement and I told them I did not need any permission. They insisted that I should have sought permission from them before I held the press conference.

“They also asked me about what I do for living, where I live, and about my position in the party that we launched and many other questions,” he said in an interview with Juba Monitor soon after he was let go from Blue House yesterday.

“They acted professionally and politely, I was not beatenthough they also threatened to arrest me again if I continue doing my things, ‘he political activities that we do,” he added.

The politician who was also the leader of the youth and Students’ Wing of the People’s Liberal Party (PLP) before he and other fellow youngsters fell out with the party leader Peter Mayen Majongdit last year, said his arrest was meant to scare him away from engaging in politics.

William vowed to ‘continue the second liberation of South Sudan from illiteracy, tribalism, and corruption.”

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