Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

Some people who claim to be my friends can be weird at times. Take this chap whose ear is always on the ground seeking for new adventures and opportunities. When he called me last Friday he had an idea that he wanted us to form a joint company registered as welders. At first l was taken by surprise, but kept mum wanting to know more.One l have never been a welder and what gave him this funny idea was beyond my thinking. He could have simply told me to help finance his intentions instead of asking me for joint partnership. Not that l have much on me. Then he came clear and clean with what was in his mind. The welders were doing booming business in Juba since that time Mr. Kalisto then mayor, came up with what was later to be known as “operation demolition” Almost every shop and business premises which tested the red mark of the city council are doing what they should have done long time ago which has even turned out to be improve their own security by welding and putting up steel doors in designated areas. Both the welders and steel iron dealers are doing neck to neck business with many hopping make a kill before Christmas holiday. Not left behind are the caterpillar owners who are hire to shift heavy generators which were on the road site to appropriate locations. I can understand why this young lad wanted to get into welding business. He wanted to make quick cash when the “iron was still hot “He knew this was the time to harvest because there may not be another Kalisto to bring such opportunities very soon. His was to go for the kill and then wait for another kill. How many Kalistos should be there to create these open opportunities? Even as it may be that welders were harvesting immensely. I did not want to try may hand in what l did not know and had not done. Secondly l have my trust, faith and principle not to gamble on short lived projects and instead l told the lad that Emmanuel had just been sworn in to take over the helm of the council ,  maybe he had better plan for the future that could  be beneficial to the city and the country at large. I told the young man and his ambitious likes to walk following the footsteps of the elder to know and understand the world. A child cannot be born today and walk tomorrow. This is what many young people are doing. Do not jump from one thing to the other without having proper knowledge and understanding of the world. Most of them look real until you touch them when you will know that all that glitters is not gold. We live in a world that one has to take his long journey alone with or without people like Kalisto.

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