Laziness is one sure way of inviting poverty into your life. Even just spending a lot of time in bed is a clear manifestation of some form of laziness. At the end of the day, nothing good comes out of laziness or even idling. In Juba today, the culture of laziness has taken a toll on very energetic group of people in the society; the youth. While they should be at the forefront in contributing to economic development by engaging in income generating activities, they have resorted to all manner of behaviours that clear display laziness. At the end of it, we have a very poor class on people in our society. They wake up and sit down, some line up on plastic chairs, raising their legs, playing cards, interesting some have invested heavily on blankets spread on tables where they play the cards. Others have resorted to betting hoping to make a fortune or a quick kill without any knowledge that betting is a sure avenue to poverty. You cannot gamble with your life and expect to make ends meet. Unfortunately this same lazy clique complains a lot and blames everyone including the government for doing little to raise their living standards. Some have no single professional or academic certificate yet they shout loudly how they have been marginalised in job placements. They thrive on begging for little money just to remain tipsy under the influence of drugs and alcohol. There is evidence that any efforts toward any constructive income-generating activity pays back and so nobody should sit back and complain or blame anyone for his situation. We all born to survive and this depends on how we seize and utilize opportunities around us. It is worth noting that it is better to start something small and earn your own coin than sit back and wait to beg. This is more or less like leaving your future to fate. Anything that you have not worked for can never be enjoyable leave alone the sustainability part of it. We should all strive to earn from our sweat and enjoy the latitude and leverage to spend wisely. Begging and laziness should never be part of this strategy.

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