The move and action taken by the court martial to have some soldiers behind bars for crime committed which include rape and murder is a clear sign of the transparency being adopted by the Government. It is going to go down to all that “you cannot break the law and get away with it” irrespective of position and status in society. These men of uniform committed crimes against their own country and people. They have been going through trial to prove their innocence and those who were found not guilty acquitted while the rest charged with them sentenced to prisons where others will face death sentence. The avenue of argument which has been pushed forward with critics of the government. They have advanced reasons as the country being incompetent in administering justice as enshrined in the constitution. This notion must come to an end going by the happenings where criminals including those using uniforms to commit them are faced with deterrent sentences if found guilty. This is a sure way of showing the world that justice had started to be applied in the country and critics could be seeing more action being taken on crime committed against humanity. Like any other country in the world, we are not 100 percent perfect, but should be appreciated where credit is due. We live in a global village where information can be accessed easily. The country is making positive move to conform to the international human right needs. The country needs the goodwill from all friends to move forward. It can stomach positive criticism to make it move that far but not those criticizing just for the sake of advancing their own agenda. The government should not rescind from its human right advocacy until all ills among the people of this country are brought to an end.

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo


Our common friend came back from an assignment which would have brought him close to Nikki Haley on her first official visit to Africa after being appointed as UN ambassador and special envoy by her boss President Donald Trump of the country of dollars. He was unlucky and swore never to accept such assignments. SaTP had been preparing for this work for the last three days. On this particular day when the event was to take place, first by meeting the country’s leadership and then an arranged rendezvous at a public health institution where the press could have a field day to fire salvos to the visit dignitary, our friend was ready armed with his tool of trade, a pen, notebook and the latest of the art Nikon camera, he was sure that he would come out the best with front page material. His hopes dashed minutes from the beginning of the scheduled event. At the first place they were only briefed and did not have one on one or questioned the envoy. He and his other colleagues were sure that they will do it at the next stage where they could have bombarded the envoy with what was from their deep heart. In short the whole episode ran as a James Bond movie. They did not have even a second of a chance to come face to face with Madam Nikki Haley. They did not have a chance to hear her side for the visit for the world consumption. She remained elusive until the time when she was leaving the country where she chose to talk to only two media FM stations. But her message which our friend found hard to believe was very undiplomatic. She sent the feeling of her country to our President through unacceptable channel of communication with a head of a sovereign State. She decided to tell the world publicly what she could have discussed with her host and come out with a joint communique or a formed opinion on the matters on the ground and what the sitting Government had and continue to do to salvage the situation. From SaPT is this take “in our societal set up there are respect for visitors or guests. This is a must norm in the world”. SaPT’s annoyance came from the fact that the visitor who came was welcomed and seen off at the airport to her next stop in DRC Congo. She could have had courtesy to let the local journalists ask some burning questions which only the US could answer. Instead of releasing her feelings en-route and at the airport”. Talking to the local media, she would have really understood the feeling of the country and would have gone back to her boss with a well-informed opinion of all inclusivity and the peace process now taking shape through National Dialogue. SaPT is not opposed to her mind set but proper way of communications for the good of all man-kind not for a perceived minds.




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