Lawmakers ink a strategic plan for 2021-2023

Rt Hon Jemma NunuKumba speaker TNLA, 2ndleft, Rt. Nathaniel OyetPerino, first deputy speaker for parliamentary Affairs

By Yiep Joseph

The Transitional National Legislative Assembly inked a strategic plan for the year 2021-203 that would guide them in all the activities within the transitional period.

The event that was conducted over the weekend with support from African European Parliamentarians Initiative and UNMISS, TNLA validated and signed a strategic plan meant to address the priorities and put the parliament on the right track.

In her remark after the signing of the strategic plan on Friday, the Speaker of the TNLA, Jemma NunuKumba said that the document would act as a framework for the parliament.

“This strategic plan provides for us a framework to deliver our mandate in the TNLA in the remaining period and also a framework that will enhance our engagement with partners for us to have an effective efficient engagement with our partners and the executive,” Nunu said.

She cautioned all the members of parliament to implement the document.

Nunu also called on development partners to join hands with the government to ease the implementation of the documentation   

“It is in our interest as people of South Sudan to have peace” she added.

In his part the first Deputy speaker in the TNLA, Rt. Nathaniel OyetPerino said that the document would help the parliament to achieve its missions and functions

“The mission adopted from our position to represent the will of the people of South Sudan, foster unity, oversee the executive ensure effective service delivery and sustainable development and timely implementation of Revitalized Peace Agreement for a durable peace and prosperous society,” Oyet said.

“Our vision is a democratic Independent and Accountable Efficiency Transitional National Assembly then the parliament would never be called a rubber stamp” he added.

He stated that the strategic plan would study the budget procedures, processes and practices in the other parliaments and customized them to the local needs  

Meanwhile, the head of political affairs, the British Embassy in South Sudan Jamie Hilton called on the TNLA to allow media access to parliament without interruption.

“Assuring that media have access to all the work of MPs so that they can be held accountable and the MPs are free to do their vital work fair or favour so that every constituency is heard,” Jamie said.

I urged the TNLA to work hand in hand with other parts of the government for the benefit of the citizens.

“A good governance requires scrutiny; Scrutiny is positive although at the time it can be uncomfortable it can help the government to make better policies,” he said.

He called on the MPs to listen to their constituencies and their needs.   

“In my country which has constituencies and all MPs including Ministers are to listen to the concern of their members always on weekly basis and make sure that the concern of the people is addressed by the government,” he said.

He called all MPs to work hard for South Sudan and be transparent in their work.

“Transparency is the oxygen that breathes life into good governance and it enables efficiency in work,” he said.

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