Lawmakers demand protection of civilians

By Sheila Ponnie

The lawmakers representing Budi County constituency in Eastern Equatoria State at the national parliament called on the government to exercise its constitutional mandate to protect the lives and properties of the citizens.

The statement followed a deadly road ambushed along Ngauro-Kapoeta road in Budi County area where seven people had been killed.

Among those killed includes a Darfurian, a Eritrean and five Didinga including a female student.

Addressing the press on behalf of Budi County constituency, David Naito Mayo said the five dead bodies of the Didinga people were collected and laid under a vehicle and burned.

He said the attackers used fuel for burning the bodies.

“They were burnt beyond recognition a very unnatural and inhuman treatment, a glimpsed spite of cruelty and savagery. If you have killed, why burn a fellow humans,” Mayo asked.

He said the vehicle was also burned but the driver was wounded on the left harm, adding that only one Toposa and Kenyan national managed to escape the attack unharmed.

The lawmakers condemned the shooting of traders traveling on private vehicle on the road, and what they described as the “heinous and unnatural burning of the dead bodies.”

“The use of the roads as places of ambushes, robberies and killings that the State Secretary General has been condoning for every long time despite numerous appeals for action against the perpetrators,” the statement read in part.   

The group also appealed to Ngauro chiefs, intellectuals and to identify the criminals and apprehend them to face Justice.

Meanwhile, a community member from Budi County has urged the government to act and bring perpetrators to justice because their community was living in fear.

“Sincerely, we are not really comfortable with the issue of killing and burning of people in our community it is unbearable and I think this is something that the  Government must pay attention,” he said.

Madalena Biajo, Women representative from Budi County decried the poor situation women were facing due to the killings taking place in their community.

“If there is some body outside their, listening to my voice please come to our rescue, right now we are helpless, we have been moving in government offices with our documents requesting for help but all that in vain,” she explained.

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