Lawmaker blames Jonglei, Boma over insecurity

By:  Kitab A Unango

Lawmaker from Jonglei state has accused authorities in both Jonglei and Boma states over lack of support to the Revitalized Peace Agreement.

Juach Makuei Juach, Jonglei State MP representing Ajuong County of Twic East said Maker Thiong Maal’s government and David Yau Yau’s have both gone silent over the periodic killings in Bor.

On Sunday, unidentified attackers, Makuei claimed to have hailed from Boma State, attacked and killed four people and raided a number of cattle which later were recovered by the youth.

Similar attacks were also reported in Baidit and Panyang Counties where one person was killed and 580 heads of cattle were raided while three people were wounded, and unconfirmed number of cattle was also raided in Panyang.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Makuei said government of the two sisterly states of Jonglei and Boma have condoned the hostilities perpetrated against innocent people in Bor by keeping quiet about the matter.

He said keeping silent at the moment when people were in dire need of peace was an indication of lack of support to the R-ARCSS signed in September, 2018.

“Up to now the state government is keeping quiet about the incident. Nobody knows whether the state authority is supporting the killings of the innocent people or not because if anything happens and there is no reaction from the government it means the government likes it,” Makuei said.

“The state government is supposed to come up with reaction condemning the incident. But up to now the state authority is keeping quiet,” he said.

“If the two authorities of Boma and Jonglei are keeping quiet about the incident, it means they are not supporting the peace agreement,” he added.

Makuei said protecting the lives of citizens and their properties were the primary responsibilities of a government adding any government which failed to protect its people could not be referred to as a government.

“That is not the government of people. The government of people must stand up and see a way that can resolve the grievances among the community and bring a peaceful settlement of people to live together as South Sudanese,” Makuei said.

Efforts to reach authorities from both states for comments over the matter by press time were unsuccessful due poor network.

Makuei appealed to both governments of Jonglei and Boma sates to resolve the matter and allow citizens from both states to coexist peacefully.

“I am appealing to the two authorities to address the issue of cattle raiding and killing of innocent civilians instead of the government to relax and keeping quiet,” he said.

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