Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Not very far away two young lawyers have just proved that to them money is nothing but justice comes first. Robert Badri and Malual Reech have just concluded representing a young girl, actually a toddler who was sexually abused, defiled by a lawmaker in the name of former state minister who was out to bend the cause of justice. I know that we have elaborated their cause in our editorial, but my reason of bringing their names here is that they have shown the country that there can be order and justice if a chance was given and there were more high level judges like Mujahid Abdullahi Akol Deng who do not know or do not have the word compromise in their vocabulary. They stand straight to the law and carry out their work diligently to the public expectation. I have not met or known these three people who have put a smile in the face of the family of this unfortunate nine year child who was defiled by a 49 year old man. Not just an ordinary man but a lawmaker, a former state minister. A man who knows law and who should be protecting the vulnerable in the society instead turned beast to maul them. I will have time for this after the elapse of the 14 days of appeal. But what l wonder and still doesn’t understand must we have kind hearted people like the two young lawyers and their colleagues on the bench. May be l am off the cuff. Deputy Mayor Nhial Majak is in pain to explain what was failing what had been dubbed “operation clean Juba of Commercial Sex”. The first hit was felt and at one point or another success was eminent. But alas, the mayor has come to a rock gate and is debating whether to go on or to call off the operations all-together. Not that he was doing it alone it is a combined exercise involving all apparatus of the council and security agencies in the City and its jurisdiction. The deputy mayor is charged with leading the operations. After the first swoop which netted more than 200 sex workers, some of whom have been arraigned in courts and others tested and found to be positive, still being confined from mixing with the public while the fate still hangs in the balance, the mayor threatened to close down all premises turned brothels which was almost succeeding until a new dimension into the whole sag came out. Silently the operation is faced with moribund task of success since it has been discovered that most of the brothels are in the homes of some indigenous and accessing them is next to impossible. The operation is therefore threatened because at one point or another, the homes are closed without access and even threat of life is real. Who would want to see this latter episode? None. For the exercise to succeed there must be will of agreement and tolerance from the public. Some owners of the brothels have been making a lot of money and true their businesses would go down or their investments would disappear into thin air completely. They will not sit back and give in because the council or the authorities wanted to clean the city of commercial sex. They are bound to fight back and probably even make it impossible for the operation to continue. To my thinking and what is emerging, the head of the operation or the authorities may just have to seek the service of experts. Probably Badri and Reech would help even if they do not take it full-time. This is like the folk-story we were told when we were young of what happened when a night runner meet with another one during the cause of their work. What happened? Answer this but l must say that the law must be applied equally in every situation because nobody is above the country’s law.

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