Law is above everybody

By Agar Mayor Gai-Makoon

Law is as old as this earth and her inhabitants. I wonder why people have not yet learned and known what law stands and is for any society. If we had learned what it means to follow the set laws, this country would have been good for ever and for all.

And the worst part of humanity is that even the ones meant to enforce the law tend to work against it. Why is this so happening?  Are these people really the right ones as per Aristotle’s view?

In this country, there is news circulating that our long serving Chief Justice refused that his children should not be tested of Corona virus at the airport. Not long in the last and this week, our government as a policy to protect the citizens of this country from the deadly virus, issued an order that all people coming from infected nations must undergo a test and later to be under quarantine for fourteen days before associating with people. This was and is still a good move because of its protective and preventive nature. We expected that the same government officials would be the first to start because they are the ones who regularly go to and come from other countries. And if not so, their family members abroad may come for a visit as it happened for the case of chief Justice. The United Kingdom is among the countries which are badly affected by this virus and thereof, it is good to test the people coming from there if spared or otherwise, flights from U.K must never land at our airport.

This policy must never have been violated by the person taken by all as law enforcer. This is so deadly and a sign that law has no strong stand in our society. If the chief justice cannot respect a policy that protects country’s citizens, then who is left for the nation’s hope? One important arm of the government is already going contrary to their duty. This is so unreasonable and it means that unless something is done, there is never going to be a positive in this state.

Unless we become a state as in Plato’s view, this country will never be in position to protect their citizens, to compete economically and be united for one political system.  A state is not where one arm boycotts the good policy set by the other. The action of our chief justice is never his sole mistake but for the whole judiciary as an arm. If they are there for us and not for their families, then the chief justice’s family must either be tested or the chief is relieved for he has failed in his duty. This message is going to the executive wing.

I wonder why one would not understand what state is and if moreover, they are in one arm, what is their duty. This scenario is being near to the grave in the other way.

And because this policy against the virus is humanistic and of natural law, even common people can never violate it and refuse to be tested at certain points. This indicates that not only has the chief Justice trembled on the country’s policy against the Corona virus but also natural law. And this point stands to tell us that law is for all to abide by and above everybody. The fact that certain people enforce the law is not an indication that they can violate it. These people put law to action not that they are above it but because they are assumed to know what law requires. Let this country start bringing people who know the law because law is above everybody and this fact must be preached to all.

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