Latjor State urges IDPs to return home

By: Wek Atak Kacjang

The Deputy Governor of Latjor State has called on the Internally Displaced Persons [IDPs] living in the United Nations Protection of Civilians’ [PoC] sites to return home.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday on phone, Latjor State Deputy Governor Nyanuer William Nyuon said they plan to maintain peace and reconciliation within the state and the neighbors.

She said it was also in their plan to ensure that the IDPs at the United Nations protection of civilians’ site return home so that they build the country together.

“As a woman to hold this position of deputy governor, I would like to tell all the parties that SPLM party will implement 35 percent for woman position in the government to see our faces there,” Ms. Nyuon said.

“We need to empower South Sudanese women on 35 percent and also we need to bring women on board together as mothers and daughters,” she stressed.

The deputy governor reiterated that if the 35 percent is taken into consideration women could be more in the peace agreement. She said full participation of women was needed in the public sector.

 Ms. Nyuon added that Latjor State governor reflects the diversity of the community in the state, saying gender mainstream was one of the most effective ways the government could support and promote gender equality.

Last week, the Governor of Latjor State Gen. Gathoth Gatakuoth Hothnyang appointed Nyanuer William Nyuon as Deputy Governor of Latjor State.

Among the thirty two states it is only Torit and Latjor states that have appointed a woman to the position of deputy governor.

“As gender equality increases women hold more and more powerful positions due to policy and social reform. Accurate proportion of women in social systems has been shown to be important to long lasting success of human race,” she explained.

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