Cover Story

Latjor State Governor vows to promote unity

By: Wek Atak Kacjang

The newly appointed Governor of Latjor State General Gathoth Gatkuoth Hothnyang has vowed to promote unity in the state, Information Minister has said.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Gatkuoth Bim said unity, peace and stability of the State was a top priority of the Governor.

“The first priority for the newly elected Governor is to go to State Headquarters and work with community toward positive development which is also understood as a professional discipline to encourage the internally displaced persons to come back from UN camps because the countries is peaceful,” he said.

Bim added that the global network of community development practitioners is based on professional and academic discipline.

He pointed out that Community development seeks to empower individuals and groups of people with the skills they need to effect change within their communities.

“These skills are often created through the formation of social groups working for a common agenda,” he explained.

He reiterated that community developers must understand how to work with individuals and affect communities’ positions within the context of larger and social institutions.

Bim said there was no better way to think about good governance than service delivery.

He stressed that precise demands of citizens for security, health, education, water and good governance can through provision of public services in an efficient manner be met.

He said that citizens have the rights for checks and balances on the government as a practice for democracy and transparency.

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