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Latjor State Governor Reshuffles Cabinet


Latjor State Governor James Duer Chol in his office (file photo)

By Woja Emmanuel Wani

The governor of Latjor State, James Duer Chol has issued several gubernatorial decrees yesterday relieving three state officials.

In the decrees obtained by the Juba Monitor, the governor relieved his political adviser Dak Lual Dech.

In a separate decree the governor also relieved Buay Kangdong Liem from his position as the secretary general of the state.

In the third decree, governor Duer also dismissed the Deputy Mayor of Nasir Town Buay Yat Yiol. He did not appoint an official to replace the Deputy Mayor.

The governor however, reappointed Yat as Secretary-General of the state replacing Kangdong Liem.

Governor Duer also appointed a new official Kueth Kang Deng to the position of political adviser replacing Dak Lual Dech.

Duer however did not give reasons for his reshuffle. The decrees are effective May 14, 2018.

Latjor State is one of the newly created 32 States with its capital at Nasir.



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