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Latjor state finally decided to relocate its headquarters to Guelguk

Former Commissioner of Nasir: Hon. Elijah LiejBany


In reference to my article dated 28th November 2016, which appeared in Juba Monitor Newspaper issue No. 918, about the failure of Latjor state government in Juba to respond to the President’s directives. As a matter to this issue, the State Minister of Information promised the public through Juba Monitor Newspaper thatLatjor State will relocate its headquarters to Nasir very soon but to my surprise, two months nowhave gone without any action as promised by the Minister.


The governor of Latjor state insists that the state government will be relocated toGuelguk and up to now theyhave never taken up a single step that shows consistency in their words and this becomes one of my tremendous surprises. Why does a big institution stay by pulling back from what ithas lamented and dragspeople upside down? Why don’t they go straight to Nasir instead of going to Guelguk which is very far from the State Headquarters? To me, I see no any reason ofbypassing a state Headquarter where there are organized forces stationed by the central government.

I have come to understand that the Governor held a meeting with his cabinet and legislature that they have to go to Guelguk straight to avoid the shelling and bombardment in Nasir. Nasir is sustaining right now from White Army attacks at the outskirts of the town. If that is the case, as the Chairman of theState SecurityCommittee and Governor as well, who does he expect to address and solve this security issue in his presence?

If he cannot go to Nasir because the Headquarters is insecured and does not want to continue to make the mass demobilization of civilians from within Jikany community as was done in 2015 when I was there as the Commissioner of Nasir County, why doesn’t he resign instead of avoiding it by designing escape goat policy whilehe is holding a post that can even bridge the gap between the local populations in the State and that of the Central Government in Juba?

I want to make it very clear to the state and national citizens that I don’t have a personal problem with Cde. Governor, he is my comrade having one party, except for one reason that the country, South Sudan is now left with only one year to go for general election in 2018, however the peace and reconciliation as a initiative from the President of the Republic of South Sudan for the National dialogue, can only be conducted in Nasir where the Jikany Community is residing with its neighbouring states of Eastern Nile State,BehiaState andGambala Region,Ethiopia.


In conclusion, if the state government doesn’tstationthere until the middle of this year 2017 while election is imminent, the SPLM party in the state will lose all she could have attained among the 28 states of South Sudan. That is the most burning concern and must be taken care of by the SPLM in Juba and the SPLM members in the state to the best of their knowledge in the long run.

Hon. Elijah LiejBany

Former Commissioner of Nasir

Tel: 0952444444 / 0921214444

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