Latest love song “change my life single” in Juba

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Ashely Bab, one of the newest diva on the entertainment scene in collaboration with Rap Jay came up with latest love song called “change my life”

According to Ashely, one of the singers said the song that features dancehall sensational singer Rap Jay who gave the best of his vocals in the song there is optimism that the song will be loved by the audience in case they understood it well.

“In change my life, I am talking about new guy that I met and my life changed, the way he handles me, treats and cares for me is what every woman out there dreams about ”,  Ashely told Juba Monitor.

“Women are like an egg or a glass, if you handle her roughly she will break and you will lose her, my message to the men out there is to handle your woman with care”, she added.

Ashely expressed that some men who do not know how to handle their loved ones would learn from the song.

She said she love the way her husband handle her.

Ashely who started music in 2018 revealed that she has observed that there is need to focus on songs about love in order to reduce the number of domestic violence cases in the country.

Rap Jay who featured in the song told Juba Monitor that love among the couples would stop cases of violence against men and women.

“If you handle your woman with love and care, she will never disobey you but if we do the opposite it leads to violence, so let’s show love, care and concern to the people we love,”said Rap Jay.

You change my life was produced by Rap Jay of the Hard Life Avenue stars who also doubles as a singer on the track.


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