Landmines sensitization campaign starts in Fangak – UNMAS

United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) Chief of Operations Mr. Zehrudin Sukanovic during an interview with Juba Monitor in January on hand grenade explosion in Jonglei (Photo: Manyuon Mayen)

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The United Nation Mine Action Services (UNMAS) called on residents of Fangak state to be vigilant and report any landmines explosive device.

In an interview with Juba Monitor, the UNMAS Chief of Operations Mr. Zehrudin Sukanovic said they have started a sensitization campaign on landmine awareness in Fangak State.

He urged the locals to follow sensitization campaigns on identification and reporting devices of landmines and unexploded ordinates.

“Right now we have big stock file of ammunitions in Fangak waiting for us to go and destroy. It is in a very critical stage. If not destroyed or if anything goes wrong, then the consequences will be very significant on the population,” Mr. Sukanovic said

The UNMAS official said that there was a team on ground advising locals on the risks of the landmines items.

“The message that we can send right now to the population there is, let them be aware of the threat and avoid the locations where these ammunitions are being destroyed,” Mr. Sukanovic expalined.

Over five thousand people had been affected by landmines in South Sudan since 2004, according to the United Nations Mine Action Services (UNMASS) statistics.

In 2017, Land Mine and Cluster Munitions Monitor report, South Sudan has a total of 143 areas suspected to contain cluster munitions remnants

The national chairperson of Mine Action Authority, Mr. Jurkuch Barach Jurkuch told Juba Monitor on Wednesday that there were still unexploded ordinates in most parts of the country.

He stated that Greater Equatoria region was largely affected since it was the frontline of the old wars that led to independence.

Mr. Jurkuch appealed to the international community to fund local landmine projects.




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