For almost over a month now, the land registry at the high court has not been collecting revenue from lawyers and members of the public who are seeking land certificates. Reasons being that there are no receipts to be issued against the payments. This sounds strange but it has resulted in people seeking services crowding the registry without success. It seems abnormal but this is the scenario that is being witnessed. The receipt books are supposed to be provided by the finance docket. The shortfall can be blamed on the judiciary and Ministry of Finance administration. Knowing and understanding the nature of services and public demand from this institution, it is unfortunate that the two key departments which are supposed to provide the services have not been effective because there is no single reason why they should wait this long without availing the receipt books. This is an important department as the land issues are delicate and need to be resolved within the family circles in good time. It is also to assure the general public of their right to own land with authenticated documents. It is something which cannot be taken at face value because inheritance and life continuity fully depends on the right of ownership apart from generating revenue for service delivery to the public by the government which the absence of the receipt books are causing right now. Those charged with responsibilities to collect the revenue should be alert and do their work diligently instead of waiting to be supervised. They should not hold that country at will with their own interests. There are qualified youth who are roaming the streets and who are ready to do the work and deliver services to the public. It is therefore pointless to have people who cannot deliver working for the general public. It is time those who cannot deliver are shown the doors.

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