Land of fears and tears

By Akol Arop Akol

South Sudan is not stable

It is confused by Devil

Every time people live in fears

Running away and shedding tears

Somewhere every day and night

People quarrel and fight;

Everyone wants to be a king

Not knowing too much pride is a sin;

Hatred is escalating every season

And people kill each other for no reason

Why do they hate one another?

Why do they want to murder?

The enemies are hiding in darkness

They are hostile without kindness

In most villages and towns

It is common to hear gun sounds

In every corner there is battle

Pastoralists are fighting over cattle

They keep burning their seeds

And abducting their kids

Devil has occupied minds and hearts

And people start saying offensive words

Against their brothers and sisters

Including friends and visitors

Enemies are given bribes

To turn against their own tribes

Gossipers keep spreading their lies

With big-open mouths and eyes

Just creating rumours to confuse

But listeners are unable to refuse

No one tells something true

They only say sky is blue

Death is like a roll-call and no doubt

When big conflicts break out

Rich VIPs take airplanes and fly

While innocent families are left to cry

Life is really not good

No clean water and food

Street children loiter like pig

Gathering leftovers that make them sick

Many have rejected God’s Glory

And ran away with money and lorry

They are greedy and clever like cats

That’s why they have stomachs full of fats

The country is full of corruption

That brought violence-eruption

People are struggling for powers

Instead of building towers

Many of them have become weak

So, they don’t know how to lead

The Lazy people without skills

Only go to attack and steal

Gangs move at night to loot and rape

If you mess up, they bang you to grave

They make communication on phones

And turn corners into war zones

During the time of conflicts

People are even killed in Catholics

Those with good brains making change

And fools live with equivalent shame

People with immorality came like vultures

And they broke the unity of our cultures

They worship Juju to bring war

Such that they get wealth and more

All the guns that people are holding

Brought destruction of lives and building

Innocent civilians are attacked by robbers

That are predating like grasshoppers

What a life full of pain and sorrow!

With suffering, today and tomorrow

Life is threatened by unknown Gunmen

Economy is cracked-down by Dollarmen

In many shanty places

There are survivors with sad faces

Traders keep raising their prices

And daily life is paralyzed by crisis

Poor with broken hearts like glass

Are surviving on insects and grass

They sleep on roads and under trees

But they still hope for God who frees

In every season or summer

Rich ones drive V.8 and Hummer

Spending pounds and Dollars on weekend

And dancing with girls and eating chicken

Orphans and widows don’t go for tour

Because they are jobless and poor

Now people in bondage want liberty

But they are affected by poverty

When they try to dig in garden

Strangers come with fear burden

IDPs fled to the forest

They are starving without porridge

And running under scorching sun

To save their lives away from gun

Refugees escaped for safety in camps

Crossing distances and swamps

They dig land with tools

In order to keep children in schools

Dollar is known every day to increase

And no one should complain please

Some teachers don’t teach because of salary

They tell students “Take your cross to Calvary”

World’s leaders are there to watch

Not sure stopping or supporting the Match

Young children are easy to die

But no one is ready to ask why

Parents have nothing for feeding

While fathers are on social-media twitting

With their tribal mentality

They like practising immorality

Where is South Sudan going?

And what is international community doing?

America is trying to impose sanctions

Instead of bringing peace to function

Who started the liberation mission?

And where is now the vision?

Shall people all run?

Or use pen instead of gun?

Is this a cursed generation?

Or a betrayed nation?

Will you fly away for your life?

Or suffer for others to survive?

Are you busy playing

Can we please start praying?

Just to ask God Almighty father

To touch our hearts and love one another

Ooh please just be wise

And silently close your eyes

To remember your roles and goals

And to mourn for the lost souls

Oh, Promise land of fears and tears

Because of you we lost our dears

Wash away sad stories

And let us see new victories

Please God, open your mighty Heavens

And bring blessings onto your servants

No more enemies to come and destroy

So, bring your love and joy

I say all these as a preacher

But God is our teacher

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