Land grabbing

By: Anna Nimiriano

The issue of land grabbing is not new in South Sudan. If you make research around Juba, you would find a lot of people have grabbed the land of innocent people. Those people were individuals and government officials; they took the land by force using their powers and positions they are holding. The owners of the lands have no power to reclaim their lands.  However, time will come for them to recover their lands through the law. The question is, however, when this is going. There is time for everything on earth.

Sometimes back there were issues of lands in Shrikat, last week the decision was taken by authorities to demolish the lands. It created problems between the locality and authorities of the state. During that time the situation was critical but now there is improvement. Those mistakes occurred due to lack of doing things according to the law. If you don’t have documents to certify that the place you are living in is yours, you cannot claim the ownership.

Some people were misled by some chiefs; they sold a land to more than two people, with empty promises that the lands belong to them. When coming to the verification of the documents you find one plot is sold to two or three people. That is a crime, those chiefs are supposed to be accountable and responsible for what they did. They should be taken to the court to face the law.

 Leaving them without any decision taken is increasing the level of crimes in the country. Others are following their footsteps, not knowing that they are digging graves for themselves. 

 It has become a business in a wrong way. Any money you got in a wrong way is corruption, give what belong to citizens to them. Don’t take any land because you are in power. One day you would become powerless, the charges would be painful.

What you did will affect your family until the coming generation. Let us learn from other people’s mistakes. Do good so that you build yourself for the coming world where everybody is waiting for. The things of the world will end one day, it would not help you or promote you to the certain level when you die.

The land you grabbed you will leave it one day after defacing yourself with dirty deeds. Train yourself to do well and you will be recognized on the last day.  This world is not ours; it belongs to God Who created us in his image.

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