The phenomenal of land grabbing in the country particularly around Juba is not a new happenings. There are so many cases that some have ended up resulting in death of people. These land grabbing cases should be given special attention but what is more worrying is the way they are being handled by the grabbers themselves. It beats all logic how they end up using well-armed people or goons who are unpredictably licensed or not to carry guns and other sophisticated and crude weapons. The government should put to a stop the current habit of almost everyone having guns in their position. Under normal circumstances law and order must be maintained by everybody as enshrined in the constitution. Those grabbing other people’s property by applying forced methods are equally committing crimes just as those they are using to terrorize others. The high court under the land registry is the custodian of all land documents. The rot in illegal land ownership starts with demarcation and surveying where cases of double allocations are so common. These are the avenues where telescopes should be centred to find out who is doing the wrong thing and making people kill one another in the name of land ownership. This week’s incident in Tongping where eleven people invaded others compound and forced them to vacate is just one of the many disputes which should be brought to proper attention of the authorities by the aggrieved parties if arbitration and dialogue cannot be found or reached. That was just one incident. There have been several with Gumbo-Sirikat leading the lists of affected areas in and around Juba. Time has come that act of criminality on land issues must be addressed appropriately and settled amicably with the understanding that each and every one has a right to own a piece of land

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