A foot for thought

Land grabbing is challenging

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Land grabbing is common in other parts of South Sudan. Any community in the country has its own village where its grandmothers and fathers lived.  It doesn’t mean that an empty area has no owner, there are people who belonged to these areas. Taking their villages by forced cannot help; it creates enmity with people who owned those places.

All areas within Juba City, majority of them belonged to Bari speaking communities. It is their villages, when South Sudan got its Independence in 2011; many people came to Juba and started grabbing lands of individuals and villages. If the owners said the areas belong to them, the answer was,” this is capital City, any person has a right to have a piece of land”. They have their villages nobody can take it away from them. The way they have grabbed the villages of other people reflect a bad image to the leadership of this country.

If you take Juba County as an example, in RejafPayam, LomgeBoma, many areas are grabbed by people who belonged to other states.People of LomgeBoma are complaining to what had happened to their areas. They are facing a lot of challenges on the issues of land grabbing by force.  The Chairman of the community, John Fidele wantsmatter be resolve in amicable manner without violence.

He was arrested because of presenting the issue of land to the authorities that needed solutions. It is the right of the people in the area to talk about the land that belongto them. Grabbing land will affect them in future; there would be no spaces for the coming generations to settle.

People should stop such attitudes; let them cooperate with people of the area to avoid misunderstanding with community leaders. It is good to say Juba is a capital City but the matter of land is the responsibility of the community leaders. South Sudan has rules that guide people to get land, not in the way it has been happening. If you ask any community with good manners, they will give you land, using force cannot help us to develop.

Those groups of people got the opportunity because they are or have big people in government positions and have powers in terms of soldiers.

 May God bless us all.

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