The Central Equatoria State government has sounded a warning against land grabbers. The state hosting the capital city of the country has experienced so many cases of illegal land allocation, grabbing and unauthorized settlements all because Some of the land cases have ended up in death. It is therefore proper that an acceptable channel of allocating land be put in place. There was a committee formed by the national government to look into the matter which is yet to start and complete their work which will eventually be submitted to the presidency for further action. Land is the most important asset one should have and own. It is for natural heritance which must be properly documented. It cannot be left solo without being taken care of because it is passed through generation to generation. The fact that the government put a lot of emphasis and interests in its management talks volume. There should be uniform and equal administration on land issues. It is true and understood that allocation and acquisition differs from one part of the country to the other. This should not prevent the law from safeguarding the interests of those who wish to acquire land in other parts of the country. CES, hosting the capital city should be a good example to other towns and urban centres. This should also be incorporated in the laws that are governing the domestic needs of land. For those who are claiming to be agents, they should not be allowed to transact land business without proper proof of ownership or authorization to that effect. For Juba where it is more notorious, there are a number of criminals who are working against the authority, grabbing and disposing lands which did not belong to them. These are people whose right places are behind bars. Not to cause chaos and havoc among the peaceful citizens residing in CES, particularly, Juba where such cases are too common.

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