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Land committee warns against buying plots from rogue

The Governor of Central Equatoria State Emmanuel Adil Anthony

By Emelda  Siama John

The committee constituted to address land grabbing and informal settlers in Juba County has warned land buyers purchasing piece of land from rogue members of organized forces masquerading lands and con people with money.

Central Equatoria State Governor Emmanuel Adil Anthony Wani who co-chairs the land committee, strongly warned soldiers involved in giving outlands to shun away from the practice and respect the presidential order banning uniformed personnel from participation in communal affairs. 

“We should respect the order of the president, if there is any soldier who makes himself as a chief, this issue should stop,” Governor Adil told residents of Jebel Dinka in a statement aired by the public service broadcaster, SSBC on Tuesday.

The governor and other members of the land committee had gone to Jebel Dinka to hold talks with residents there to ascertain areas affected by informal settlements and land grabbing.

Adil told the dwellers to cooperate with the committee and register their plots with the Luri  Payam authorities and obtain genuine to avoid punishment for occupying lands without proper documents.

Meanwhile, the Commissioner of Juba County Charles Joseph Wani warned the residents that those who recently acquired lands through unofficial means would not to register and obtain official documents but have their structures demolished.

 “I know that some of us here are poor, this money of ours should help the children and no one should come with his fake papers and deceived you here, unless the papers I gives to chief,” Commissioner Wani said.

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