LAND-Committee starts off in Gumbo tomorrow

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

The Minister of land, housing and Urban Development, Michael Chiangjiek has launched a Survey on residential areas to collect data regarding the registration of the land entitlements under his ministry.

The aims  was to educate the 90-members that makes a committee, to learn and be aware of their duties on how to handle area swhich had not been surveyed like Mia-Saba, Referendum, Mangateen and others within the Central Equatoria while cooperating with the all citizens without dividing them.

Speaking during the launching, Chiengjiek said that, the local chiefs in these areas who were already collecting money from the residents should stay warned that their activities were illegal and punishable..

“The local chiefs collecting money on the name of registration fees should stop, “he said.

He added that, the committee would start its work tomorrow in Gumbo and at the same time directed them to move as a team and as South Sudanese.

“You the committee should be united and do this work as South Sudanese and not in group of tribes,” Chiengjiek added.

On the same note, the Undersecretary of Land, housing and Urbandevelopment Luis Kuot said that, the president had formed the team three month ago.

“The committee was form by the president three month ago but because of some issues,there was a delay in the process of starting the survey but us we launch this survey today (yesterday), the team will be on the ground by Thursday (tomorrow), “he said.

He further said that the team was going to the ground to look into the issue of rampant settlement.

“The committee will be collecting data from door to door after their collection, they will be handed over to the president,” he added.

In August last year minister Chiangjiek confirmed that there were many problems related to land grabbing in Mangateen, Gumbo Sherikat and in other neighbour hoods. And also added that his ministry was waiting for the announcement of the Central Equatoria State government to introduce measures to address the problem of land grabbing.

Chiangjiek also said that, he had received many cases concerning land disputes and demarcation, but the ministry could not work without state governments in resolving land issues.

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