Lakes State to start voluntary disarmament first.

By Mabor Riak Magok

The governor of Lakes State Maj. Gen. Makur Kulang Liei and commander of disarmament forces Gen. Rin Tueny Mabor on Tuesday agreed to carry out voluntary disarmament of illegal firearms in the area.

Speaking to Juba Monitor after the closed-door meeting, governor Makur said they will start with public awareness, “We have discussed and identified hot spots areas where we can start controlling the unnecessary killings carried out by criminals.”

“For those who may be stubborn to the presidential order of disarmament not to surrender their guns to the disarmament forces in Lakes State will face full force of law based on the President order on civil population disarmament, and we are ready to implement that order,” he added.

Governor Makur said the hot spots areas identified includes Cuei-adukan and Panawac.

Also Tuesday, Gen. Rin Tueny Mabor the commander of disarmament forces in Greater Bahr el Ghazal region said they will begin by creating awareness on voluntary civil population disarmament across the State through chiefs.

He urged all the local chiefs to voluntarily hands over guns to the government disarmament forces peacefully.

“We need to stabilize the security of the state and we will make awareness with chiefs and local administrators, and this awareness will be carried out by the government to the chiefs and local administrators,” Gen. Tueny said.

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