Lakes State suspended heavy tracks on road

By John Agok

The State authorities has issued a temporally order suspending heavy trucks from using Yirol-Rumbek road which is still under construction. Speaking to Juba Monitor on phone, Balak Arok Yirol Town Clerk said they have instructed traffic police in the area to stop heavy trucks movement to protect the road as the constructors are working along it.

“We are not completely stopping the movement of trucks who are carrying goods or commodities but to ensure the movement of heavy loaded trucks is minimized because the Payii Bridge had been built with capacity of 40 tones. If they over weighed the road, we must stop them and this is the instruction we have given traffic police,” he said.

Engineer Ali Malou welcomed the local authority order and said that the order will help them to repair the roads without breakdown.

The Payii Bridge was repaired by Italian Missionaries in 2004 after it broke down during war time and it was built by British during old Sudan. There have been a fleet of vehicles that stuck on the road and cut off from Juba.

The construction of Bhar El Ghazal road that was launched by the President Kiir last year when the contract was awarded to Chinese Shandong High-speed Construction Company hasn’t been successfully implemented.

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