Lakes State runs out of Covid-19 vaccines

By Mabor Riak Magok

Health authorities in Lakes State said last week that they had completed 4,700 doses of AstraZeneca vaccines and nothing left in the stock.

In an interview with Juba Monitor, the Manager of Infectious Disease Unit (MIDU) who is also the manager responsible for people’s vaccinations against Coronavirus in Lakes State, Ezekiel Muorwel Maker said the first phase of the vaccinations was completed successfully.

“We have used the 4,700 AstraZeneca vaccines which we had in all the health facilities.  During distribution, Rumbek was given 2,500 Astra Zenecadoses, Cueibet 1,200 doses, and Yirol 1, 000 doses and we have completed them,” Maker explained.

Dr. Maker said thatthe turn up for vaccinations was very low but later through talk-shows, and other meetings that were carried out, people understood the benefitsof getting vaccinated.

“The turning up for vaccinations against coronavirus is high because the demands have increased for people who want to be vaccinated against the virus and the quantity provided was not equivalent to the population in Lakes State,” said Dr.Maker.

Ezekiel Muorwel Maker said there were people who wanted to scare people and wanted to make propagandas against the vaccinations which was negative to the respond of the people.

“The next vaccines to arrive in Rumbek will be second phase especially those who received their first dose and it will be in August. It will take 2 months,” he said.

The director general of Lakes State Minister of health, Doctor Hakim Makuer confirmed that people came toState hospital to get vaccines.

“Yes, we have more than 3,000 who have been vaccinated but I don’t have actual figures,” doctor Makuer said.

Kuol Mathubier Kucdhal, a resident of Rumbek, age above 20 years, toldJuba Monitor that he could not receive AstraZeneca jabs due to some information circulating on social media and gathering places that the vaccinecould alter the gene or DNA of a person.

“I cannot completely receive the vaccinations against coronavirus because of the information that the vaccine alters the gene or DNA and RNA of person. This is very scaring and it is quite dangerous,” Mathubier complained.

His friends who received were said to have had experienced serious dizziness.

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