Lakes State Leaders to deliver services- official

By Wecnyin Turic

A section of youth from Rumbek has beseeched the recently appointed State Ministers and Heads of Independent Commissions in Lakes State to deliver the much-needed services to the people.

They said this was not the time for politics instead;politicians should put aside theirdiscourses and differences in order to serve the citizens of the State.

Speaking to Juba Monitor in Juba, Anti- Corruption Commission Deputy Chairperson,LaatMathiang from State expressed his joy about the recent formation of State Government in Lakes, saying, the Nation was almost to the promised Land.

“Our one number target as a Commission is to ensure that there is no corruption in the State so that resources are used for the development like building of social amenities among them, schools, hospitals and other recreational facilities for the population “, he said.

He revealed that the State would embrace a competency-based system that would consider qualified personnel seeking for the jobs to enable professional services be rendered to the populace.

“Time has come for the Government to look into the issue of unemployment in the country. We will create more jobs for our youth so that they can start earning and fending for themselves. However, qualified individuals would have an upper hand for the available job opportunities”, he added.

Mathiang said they were to have SPLM- IO meeting yesterday to deliberate on the party matters althoughthe agendas were not yet known.

Mathiang was appointed on the Ticket of SPLM -IO as Deputy Chairperson of Anti-Corrption Commission in Lakes State.

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