Lakes State lawmakers to take oath tomorrow

John Agok

Legislators for Lakes State Legislative Assembly are set to be sworn in to office Thursday, clerk to the state parliament said.

Benjamin Matiok Mangui the clerk told Juba Monitor on Tuesday that registration of MPs was underway ahead of oath taking that will be presided over by the Lakes State Governor Riny Tueny Mabor in the state assembly premises. 

“We have been registering members of parliament for the last two days in state assembly premises. The number now has reached to over 50 parliamentarians from different parties except Other Political Parties (OPP) that has not yet appointed its members into the Assembly,” he said.

The clerk noted the oath taking ceremony would take place if the number of registered MPs reach 80 out of the total 101 appointed to the state assembly.

“I will first take the list of registered parliamentarians to the governor first for confirmation of swearing in to see whether they have reached the quorum. The remaining unregistered members will be sworn in with other members from OPP when appointed,” he said.

MP Marial Amuom Malek doubted the swearing in ceremony would take place on the designated date, saying a number of legislators who are currently far away may not be present in the state capital, Rumbek by Thursday.

“We are preparing for swearing in ceremony but I am not sure if it will happen at scheduled time, since the governor is not at state capital but in other part of state. Also, the registration of parliamentarians is still going on and we are not sure if the quorum will be met,” the lawmaker said.

The state assembly comprises of 101 parliamentarians from all parties to the 2018 peace agreement including the speaker, according to the presidential decree that constituted parliament last year. 

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