Lakes State Civil Society Organization elects new leadership

By Mabor Riak Magok

Members of Civil Society Organization Network in Lakes State have elected Hakim Cipuounyuoc Awar as a new chairperson on Friday.

The chairman of the electoral committee Kot Kuocnin Kuer who represented common voice Africa declared Hakim Cipuounyuoc Awar as the winner of the civil society organization network (CiSON) chairmanship and Daniel Jok Adut as a Secretary General of the Body.

“The two positions of a chairperson and secretary general went an opposed. There was no one that contested. Only one person for the position of chairperson and another one for the position of secretary general.

So the electoral committee tasks to organize and conduct election today decided to declare the two as an opposed winners for the two positions of Chairperson and Secretary General,” said Kot Kuocnin Kuer.

The Chairman of the electoral committee Kuocnin encouraged the delegates who represented their various civil society organizations to stand behind the success of the network.

“We are urging you to work as a team to build strong network with new elected body of the civil society organization network (CiSON)) for the betterment of Lakes State,’’ said Kot Kuocnin.

Mary Mathon who represent women aid vision (WAV) urged the newly elected civil society organization network that women should be involved in matters of good governance, decision making, and women empowerment in the State.

Mathon said for Hakim Cipuounyuoc Awar who was re-elected for the second time meaning civil society organizations network members in the State believed he is committed and is going to deliver required services.

“We believe this new administration is going to reach up to national and international level for participation, because at this time we believe the current new elected Body will push our agenda of civil society organizations network up to national or international level and they will hear that Lakes State civil society is here and is very active,” said Mathon.

The Chairperson elect Hakim Cipuounyuoc Awar expressed his commitments to work hard jointly with all members of the civil society organizations network in the State.

Cipuounyuoc urges all the members of the civil society organizations network to put efforts and support behind the new elected body.

“I promised all of us including me that I will make this civil society organizations network in Lakes State as a vibrant network among any other network in South Sudan with your support.” said Cipuounyuoc.

He said a leader is just to lead a way by flying higher whenever there are people behind him.

However, the guest of honor who represent Oxfam international field office in Rumbek Isaac Majier Majok urges the newly elected body to maintain hardwork to promote the positive activities of civil society organizations network in Lakes.

“We are working hard for your inclusivity in all the civil society organizations network forum both national or international level,” said Majier.

He said, the network of civil society organization is just an umbrella and at the end of the day we go back to our different entities which are not part of the network.

“Fear is not a character of civil society organizations because what the civil society says is what will endanger him or her because you may not be talking sweet things all the time but to react positively or react negatively when necessary,” said Majier.

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