Lakes State activists criticize gov’t over communal fight

By Mabor Riak Magok

Civil society organizations in Lakes State have criticized government over what they described as reluctance to address inter-communal fights.

The group made the statement during at a monthly coordination forum supported by USAID-SUCCESS to discuss justice for peace to enhance stability in Lakes State.

Agum Joseph Kuc, Chairperson for Women Association in Lakes State blamed the government for being reluctant to curb the tension even if it was informed on time.

“There is a problem because tension is always rumored for many weeks but there’ no government intervention. This inter-communal seems to have involved every one because those killed includes soldiers’ children,” he said.

 Malou Ater who is one of the youth activists said the number of people killed during the communal fight were mostly secondary school students.

He called on civil society organizations for intervention to bring together the students and teachers from secondary schools and parents for discussion over this concern of their involvement in the intra-communal fighting with armed youth.

Hakim Cipuounyuc, the chairperson of civil society organization network in Lakes State called for quick intervention from the Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity to appoint the state governors.

“We in the states are facing a lot of insecurity from intra-communal violence and this needs the President to fill the vacuum so that people are safe in the states,” he said.

Mary Ajak from Lakes State Women’s Association urged the national and state governments to investigate the alleged involvement of army personnel in the intra-communal fighting in Marialbek cattle camps.

“We are calling upon the national government to carry out intensive investigations over the killing of civilians by members of organized forces during civilian fighting in the cattle camp without authorization,” Ajak said.

She claimed that there was a plan by some sections to eliminate others if such heavy weapons are used and organized forces get involved in the communal fighs.

Hellen Nyanathoi Mathiang said since the recent fighting in Lakes state that killed 40 people, there has been no condemnation from the government.

“There is no government or civil society organization statements of condemnation and yet another fighting will occur because the mobilization is taking place,” Hellen said.

The female activist condemned the recent communal fighting where government PHCC was destroyed and burned and a health worker got killed.

The civil society forum that brought together about 30 participants together to discuss peace and justice to enhance stability in Lakes State resolved to visit the state high court judge to discuss the issue overcrowding and pending cases without trials in Rumbek main prison.

The members of the civil society noted with concern that over 500 inmates being kept in jail without trial.  

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