Lakes Region activists trained on Revitalized Peace Agreement

By: Mabor Riak Magok
South Sudan Network for Democratic Elections (SSuNDE) has on Thursday trained about 30 civil society organizations in Lakes Region on the Revitalized Peace Agreement.
Speaking to Juba Monitor, the SSuNDE facilitator Emmanuel Mading Manon called on other civil society organizations to do the same.
He appealed to civil society to continue educating people at the grassroots level on what the Revitalized Peace Agreement entails.
“The importance of this revitalized peace agreement is that it gives us a chance to rest after long journey of war and experience of suffering and hardship,” he said.
Mading said despite some provisions in the agreement not being fully implemented, the civil society should not sit back.
Mading said reform is a process and cannot take place at once.
“I know the Revitalized-Transitional Government of National Unity is expected to be formed on November12th, 2019. We are just creating awareness as civil society organizations that the peace has to be implemented,” he said.
“If this agreement is implemented in letter and spirits then the country will be stable and infrastructure will improve,” he said.
Kot Kuocnin Kuer, a lecturer at Rumbek University of Science and Technology said the challenges facing the civil society organizations is lack funding to disseminate the revitalized peace agreement.
He said poor infrastructures such as roads and communication networks in most parts of the country was making it difficult for the civil activists top create awareness.

Kuer hailed SSuNDE for its commitment to educate the locals on the importance of peace agreement.

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