Lakes community in Uganda welcomes peace

By Martin Manyiel Wugol

Lakes State Youths Union in Uganda held a consultative meeting under the leadership of an outgoing body led by Ngor Mayor and his deputy Majok Meen Deng that was the acting chair during the consultative meeting. The agenda
was to rejuvenate Lakes State Youth Union in Uganda back to active service since
the amalgamation of 32 States. Therefore the body retained its relevance in uniting
communities of Lakes State.

The community acknowledged the restoration of peace and unity amongst the communities to live in cohesion after decades of conflict and suffering from senseless conflict that destroyed the entire population.

Mathew Thon Ajak told Juba Monitor that, “Lakes state calmness was a result of responsible leadership authorities of state demonstrated to restore peace and hope in the state. Especially the able governor Gen Rin Tueny Mabor who worked day and night to ensure that lives and properties of the people are protected.”

Matthew Thon Ajak said that he believed if the citizens looked back critically on how the conflict in the state escalated and how it had ended. Thon stressed that people could clearly acknowledged that God answered the cries of the widows of Lakes state.

  Lakes community in Uganda have an obligation to thank Governor Rin Tueny Mabor who renewed hope and now there is light atthe end of the tunnel. The acting chairperson of Lakes State community in Uganda Mr. Majok Meen Deng
appreciated the community in Uganda for being patient and responsive toward
unity of the people in Lakes State. Peace in Lakes State is good news to
entire South Sudan because Lakes state was “Safe Haven” to South Sudanese
during the time of civil war before the independence that installed sovereignty of the country in which Lakes state was the stronghold of then SPLM/A headquarters and base of
the freedom movement under the current leadership party in the country.

Majok Meen Deng used the occasion to thank and extended his appreciation to
the state leadership under Governor Rin Tueny Mabor and all Lakes state intellectuals, politicians, government ministers from Lakes State who accepted to work for peace, stability and restoration of unity which was impossible to achieve. The deputy chairperson mentioned that with help from God peace has
returned finally and congratulations to sons and daughters of Lakes.

According to former greater Yirol chairperson, Mr. Makuei Achiek Dual,
 “to achieve sustainable peace in Lakes State, the state government
should start a peaceful state-wide disarmament campaign as dry
season approached. However, the disarmament exercise should involvetraditional chiefs and other stakeholders for it to be successful.”

 Makuei Achiek Dual suggested that the success of lasting peace would entirely depended on State
government to immediately launch community awareness campaign during
the dry seasonfor people to enjoy the peace and start development. Local civil population must be disarmed as the only mean for Lakes state community to remain peaceful.

Lakes State isheart of South Sudan inhabited by Dinka and Bele ethnic group living ingreater Gok, greater Rumbek, Wulu, and greater Yirol and among other.

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