Lakes community applauds governor Rin’s leadership

By Martin Manyiel Wugol in Uganda.

Community of Lakes State together with Youth Union in Uganda over the weekend held an occasion under the theme “Peacekeeping and Unity is our collective responsibility”.

Speaking to media yesterday, a group member representing Lakes State community, Makur Lithand appreciated governor Rin Tueny’s leadership for the persistence to restore peace and harmony in Lakes State.

“we urge him to continue with the good work he started in restoring peace and unity in Lakes State,”.

Meanwhile, Students’ Union chairperson in Uganda, Mabor Bech urged Lakes State community in Uganda to continue supporting peace in Lakes State and build strong support based on already achieved peace in Lakes State since the appointment of governor Rin Tueny Mabor and his government for restoring hope to the citizens to go about their normal activities.

He added that the Union extended appreciation to the governor for working hard to ensure the implementation of peace and unity of South Sudanese people.

However, Majok Meen Deng acknowledged the period of peace returned in Lakes State as a community in Uganda.Meen expressed that they stand with the South Sudan government and Lakes State governor who demonstrated the true leadership and saved lives as well as the properties of citizens of Lakes State and their neighboring states such as Warrap, Western Bhar El Ghazal, and Western Equatoria State.

He added that by installing peace and sanity in Lakes entirely, as community in Uganda they were proud and ready to always give their support to Lakes State government and national government for peace and development to continue as to achieve he pledge of the government n service delivery to South Sudanese.

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