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Lakes bids farewell to graduands from various varsity

Governor of Lakes State Gen. Rin Tueny Mabor bids farewell to graduands at Yirol town

By John Agok

Over two hundred graduands from both public and private universities commemorate their graduation ceremony in Yirol Town of Lakes State.

 The governor of Lakes state, Lt. general Rin Tueny Mabor has attended the ceremony of 271 boys and 18 girls who have finished Universities across the country and outside of South Sudan in the year 2021 and said that to passed the University level is not an easy task but it came through the commitment of parents, students, and the lecturers the graduated students should be the creator of jobs nor seeking for the opportunities for looking a wealth in the country.

The true educated person has to deserved quality behaviors that can distinguished him/her from uneducated persons, the mothers are the strong die-hard of education in all levels of learning, sending of children to the schools during this period is the responsibility of the community elders and supported by the government through reopening deserted places which were close down due to communal clashes will recover standard lives in the future as illiterates engulfs Lakes state, literacy, cooperation, unity and love will wipe out hatred, nepotism, tribalism and corruption, Tueny added. 

The doctors has been faced injustice when the patients injected the disease goes beyond to death, immediately the doctor send to the court and fine with compensation to the family of patient this is extremely unlawful, but for the students of sciences have studied theory during classes and practical worked has done after the completion of theories, Hon. Agok Manyiel former of Yirol west county said.

  Hon. Johnson Malual Achiek, commissioner of Yirol East County applauded and encouraged the graduands to keeps advanced studies to go for masters and PhDs for world competition on academics and also inserted double efforts on different sectors like agricultural production as the deserted areas has to be resumes for cultivation.

However,Mr. Daniel Mayor Anyak, representative of graduands of students told the gathering at Freedom square of Yirol west county on Friday during the ceremony that the health care is very poor to the community of greater Yirol as outbreak of HIV/AIDs is too rampant, also loss of cultural heritage including skin bleaching specially women is deteriorating cultural identity, the salaries of the students admitted for further studies at various institutes and higher institutions of learning should have to get their monthly payment, poor foundation of education on the grass root boost by the insecurity in the state, and now there will be an improvement for the education sector due to the stability of security in Lakes in your leadership, this could able more pupils and students to performed well during the lessons.

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