Lainya authorities to renovate hospital

By Hassan Arun Cosmas

The commissioner of Lainya County in Central EquatoriaState embarks on renovating the County hospital in order to create a conducive environment for better treatment of citizens in the area.

Emmanuel Khamis Richard said that his administration is embarking on a renovation of the county health department block to deliver health services to the residents of the area.

“The local government received funds for rehabilitation of the county headquarters and the commissioner’s residence.We need to create a conducive environment for the treatment of our people; therefore, we shall be embarking on the renovation of the county health department block for service delivery to the people.”

He added that the county level got some funding and builders who are working on the new headquarters to finish their work, they will move to renovate the current office and the residence of the commissioner. We have also mobilized some funds to rehabilitate the main hospital block in Lainya which was built long time ago,” reveals Commissioner Emmanuel.

He revealed that he promises to stabilize the security situation in the region to allow basic service delivery to the citizens. The local government leader also reveals plans to identify young men and women to be sent to schools for medical training to serve in the hospital.

He cites a lack of human resources to work in the county, especially in the health facilities to save lives of the people of Lainya County.

“My plans are to stabilize the security situation and the next program is to identify young people both men and women who are willing to enroll in medical training and we shall be sending them for medical training in Yei and juba so that when they finish, they will come and run these health facilities because now we have more health facilities established here but are not operational because it requires human resource, “adds the government leader.

Lainya County is one of the areas in Central Equatoria and South Sudan seriously hit by the 2016 crisis in the country due to the presence and operation of the forces of the national salvation front.

It is recovering from the consequences and results of the fighting that had displaced many of the citizens to seek refuge in the neighboring countries while others were internally displaced.

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