Labour ministry tasked to implement strategic plan

By Evilin George Wani

The Ministry of Labour, Public Service and Human Resource has called on the Director Generals to deliver services in accordance with the ministry’s strategic plan.

Deputy Minister of Labor, Public Service and Human Resource Development, Baba Medan Konyi encouraged staff to start ensuring services were delivered to the people.

Konyi was addressing ministry officials during a three- day workshop that started on Tuesday. The workshop was aimed at reviewing the ministry’s strategic plan.

Konyi said directors and the ministry officials should focus on implementing the strategic plan.

“Implementation of the strategic plan will indicate the ministry’s improvement in the next five years,” said Medan.

He said the plan was developed to tackle lack of employment opportunities facing the youth.

“It is very important to deal with the youth, who are pillars of the country,” he said.

He said the strategic plan will be implemented within the interim period of the yet to-be-formed government of national unity.

Mirella Ibwaha, Director of Policy Planning and Budget in the ministry said the workshop also help in reviewing plans of the ministry.

“There are no regular appointment activities in the ministry. The first priority in the ministry is to provide job opportunities for the youth in the country.”

The workshop was organized by the Ministry of Labor, Public Service and Human Resource Development to review and update the policy framework and strategic plan of the ministry from 2012 to 2016 which was extended to 2018.

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