L. State Governor to appear before Council of States

By Moses Gum Degur

The Governor of Eastern Lakes State, Bor Philip Wutchok Bor has arrived in Juba to answer questions from the Council of States. The governor was petitioned by the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Bashir Gbandi to appear before the upper house.

In an interview with Juba Monitor yesterday, Governor Bor said, “I am here in Juba in response to the letter addressed to me by the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs to appear before the Council of States to answer some queries.”

“I delayed because of some issues in the state. I requested for two weeks to solve these burning issues then I would come and now I am here,” Governor Bor added.

However, some locals from the state who spoke to Juba Monitor on condition of anonymity said the Governor had come to answer charges related to arrest of three State’s Members of Parliament.

In August this year, three Members of Parliament were arrested in Eastern Lakes State for allegedly inciting the inter-tribal feuds. The MPs were arrested by the state security following allegations that they were mobilizing the public against the planned search for raided cattle in order to return them to the owners.

The MPs include; Marial Amuom Malek, Ater Jeremiah Telar, and Madeu Angong Nek who were charged with obstruction of the state policies on the recovery of  looted cattle, incitement of public and cattle herders to escalate inter-tribal fights and create more insecurity in the state, and other charges which include drunkenness during official working hours.

Governor Bor said the security situation in the state is normal days after two chiefs were killed in separate incidents as a result of revenge killing. He said the state government is committed to track down criminals whose aims are to kill and raid cattle.

In mid August, the Minister of Finance and acting minister of Information, Bech George Jongwiir Anyak, told Juba Monitor that the state government was devising measures to curb the rate of crimes, including forceful disarmament of civil population, investigation of detained MPs and apprehension of assailant.

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