Kyambogo University students welcome newcomers

South Sudanese Students of Kyambogo University cut cake during the welcoming ceremony for newly admitted students on Sunday (Photo by Martin Manyiel Wugol)

By Martin Manyiel Wugol

South Sudanese Students’ Association at Kyambogo University on Sunday welcomed 30 of her newly admitted students. The event was organized under the theme “Education is key to fight illiteracy out of S. Sudan.”

Addressing the students on Sunday, Ms. Kaka Jacklyn urged the students to be obedient and hardworking saying University needs seriousness and commitment for better performance.

She said university does not tolerate poor performance. “Public Universities have no respect for personalities but only entertained academicians and serious students who do their course works on time,” Ms. Jacklyn said.

The President of Makerere University South Sudan Students’ Association (MUSSSA), John Ngor Arok told the newly admitted students to invest their time in books and ignore all the luxurious things around the campus.

Mr. Arok appealed to the students to be ambassadors of peace amongst South Sudanese saying it was their obligation to preach peace and unity among fellow citizens.

He said they should distance themselves from unnecessary fights or problems which would hinder studies. “You are here because of education and your parents sent you to achieve it by all means,” he said.

Mr. Salah Robert Richard, the president of South Sudanese Students Association at Kyambogo University congratulated the few South Sudanese students who were admitted at the university as it was always not easy to get to Kyambogo University. However, he urged the students to be mindful of some of the challenges that come with University life such as too much freedom and other challenges that sometimes hinder studies at the University.

“As serious students, you should always work harder to change your life and liberate yourself from tribalism and all sorts of negativity. It is very essential to think critically about your future and the country you represent in such a prestigious university,” Mr. Salah said.

Mr. Ter Manyang Gatwech, representative of South Sudanese Civil Society Organization in Uganda advised the students about the importance of education.

“I encourage the new students to further their education and let us own our current peace agreement signed because it has a lot of opportunities,” he said.


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