Kworijik Community calls on the gov’t to rescue the flood affected persons

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

The community of Kworijik were calling upon the government to rescue the flood affected persons.

Kworijik village was part of Central Equatoria State in the northern part of Bari payam with a population of over 900 thousand estimated with over 700 hundred displaced and 200 hundred households destroyed.

Speaking to Juba monitor, Head-Chief of Kworijik village, James Obirigitiya, said that the flood was caused by the construction of Juba – Terekeka road.

“This flooding has never happened before, it started of a resent when the juba – Terekeka road was constructed,and the professional working on the road didn’t open big Culvert for the water to flow well” he said

He added that he was calling upon the government and humanitarian agencies to provide Kworijik residents with shelters, he mentioned.

“We call on the government,NGOs, to access the Kworijik community with needs like shelters, food, mosquito nets and medicine, the children are suffering, they are now three days  sleeping while standing,”

Said the head chief.

On the same notes, Morros Gorria Karnilo,the youth representative appreciated the Union of Journalists in South Sudan for standing with them at this difficult time.He added that it was those three days since the water had destroyed the area.

“Three days’ flow of water destroyedKworijik, the flow of water pass through the three bridges which are Mungeta, Luri and Furuk”, he said.

“The crops are destroyed by the flooding and this means we will go back to start planting again, the question is until when? He asked.

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